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36. Nikhil Bhalla*, Amir Farokh Payam, Alessio Morelli, Preetam Kumar Sharma, Rhiannon Johnson, Alan Thomson, Pawan Jolly, Francesco Canfarotta; Nanoplasmonic biosensor for rapid detection of multiple viral variants in human serum Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 21, 131906, 2022


35. Nikhil Bhalla*, Shilpa Taneja, Preeti Thakur, Preetam Kumar Sharma, Davide Mariotti, Chiranjeevi Maddi,  Oxana Ivanova, Dmitry Petrov, Alexander L Sukhachev, Irina Edelman, Atul Thakur; Doping independent work function and stable bandgap of spinel ferrites with tunable plasmonic and magnetic properties Nano Letters 21, 9780-9788, 2021

34. Razie Khalesi Moghaddam, Nikhil Bhalla, Amy Shen, Giovanniantonio Natale; Deterministic particle assembly on nanophotonic chips; Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 603, 259-269, 2021

                                                                                                    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Outside Cover 

33. Neeharika Senthilkumar, Preetam Kumar Sharma, Neeru Sood, Nikhil Bhalla*; Designing magnetic nanoparticles for in vivo applications and understanding their fate inside human body; Coordination Chemistry Reviews 445, 214082, 2021

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31. Mahmood Barani*, Abbas Rahdar*, Saman Sargazi, Mohammad Sadegh Amiri, Preetam Kumar Sharma, Nikhil Bhalla*; Nanotechnology for inflammatory bowel disease management: Detection, imaging and treatment; Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research 32, 100417, 2021


30. Srinivasu Valagerahally Puttaswamy*,  Nikhil Bhalla*, Colin Kesley, Gennady V. Lubarsky, Colin Kesley, Chengkuo Lee, James A. McLaughlin*; Independent and grouped 3D cell rotation in a microfluidic device for bioimaging applications; Biosensors and Bioelectronics 170, 112661. 2020

29. Srinivasu Valagerahally Puttaswamy,  Gennady V. Lubarsky, Colin Kesley, Xushuo Zhang, Dewar Finlay, James A. McLaughlin, Nikhil Bhalla*; Nanophotonic-Carbohydrate Lab-On-A-Microneedle for Rapid Detection of Human Cystatin C in Finger-Prick Blood; ACS Nano 14, 11939-11949. 2020
28. Nikhil Bhalla*,  Yuwei Pan, Zhugen Yang*, Amir Farokh Payam*; Opportunities and Challenges for Biosensors and Nanoscale Analytical Tools for Pandemics: COVID-19; ACS Nano 14, 7783-7807. 2020  
27. Preeti Thakur, Deepika Chahar, Shilpa Taneja, Nikhil Bhalla, Atul Thakur; A review on MnZn ferrites: Synthesis, characterization and applications; Ceramics International 46, 15740-15763. 2020


26. Nikhil Bhalla, Aditya Jain, Yoonjoo Lee, Amy Q. Shen, Doojin Lee; Dewetting Metal Nanofilms-Effect of Substrate on Refractive Index Sensitivity of Nanoplasmonic Gold; Nanomaterials 9, 1530. 2019

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24. Nikhil Bhalla*, Afshan Jamshaid, Mandy Hei Man Leung, Noriko Ishizu, Amy Q. Shen*; Electrical Contact of Metals at the Nanoscale Overcomes the Oxidative Susceptibility of Silver-Based Nanobiosensors; ACS Applied Nano Materials 2, 2064-2075. 2019

ACS Applied Nano Materials Front Cover


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21. Nikhil Bhalla*, Pedro Estrela; Exploiting the signatures of nanoplasmon-exciton coupling on proton sensitive insulator-semiconductor devices for drug discovering applications; Nanoscale 10, 133280-13328. 2018

20. Nikhil Bhalla, Shivani Sathish, Abhishek Sinha, Amy Q. Shen; Large scale nanophotonic structures for long term monitoring of cell proliferation; Advanced Biosystems 2, 1700258. 2018

Advanced Biosystems Front Cover 2(4). 2018

19. Ainash Garifullina, Nikhil Bhalla*, Amy Q. Shen*; Probing Specific Gravity in Real-time With Graphene Oxide Plasmonics; Analytical Methods 10, 290-297. 2018

                                                                                                                     Analytical Methods Back Cover 10, 397-398. 2018

Recent Hot Article in Analytical Methods

18. Nikhil Bhalla*, Shivani Sathish, Casey J. Galvin, Robert A. Campbell, Abhishek Sinha, Amy Q. Shen*; Plasma assisted large-scale nanoassembly of metal-insulator bioplasmonic mushrooms; ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10, 219-226. 2018


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Global Challenges Front Cover 1(9). 2017

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Nanoscale Inside Front Cover 9, 468-468. 2017

12. Abhilash Pathania, Preeti Thakur, Atul Thakur, Nikhil Bhalla, Patrick Queffelec, Pedro Estrela, Jean-Luc Mattei, Kush Rana; Raman and Mӧssbauer spectroscopic studies of tungsten doped Ni-Zn Nano ferrite; Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 28, 679- 685. 2017


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