Nanomaterials and Biosensors Research Laboratory (NBRL)

Welcome to Nikhil Bhalla Research Group. We are based in Nanotechnology & Integrated Bioengineering Center, School of Engineering of the Ulster University.

Our Current research in the group is focusing on:
1)  Discovery & invention of plasmonic & magnetic nanomaterials and their fabrication processes.
2) Development of new sensing principles and applications using the developed nanomaterials. Note that we focus only on the healthcare and food applications, including understanding the associated fundamental bio/chemical mechanisms and their origins from sensor perspective.
3) Translation of the applications/sensing technologies into low-cost portable biosystems. 



Work on the development of doped magnetoplasmonic nanoparticles published in Nano Letters

Our new technique for particle assembly on LSPR chips published in the  Journal of Colloid and Interface Science.